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An Anonymous person said Apple turned over data on Trump’s white house counsel in 2018

It was in February 2018 when the Justice Department subpoenaed Apple about Donald McGahn’s account. He was the counsel of former president Donald Trump’s White House by that time. Besides, the Justice Department barred the company from sharing any information regarding this matter.

As per an anonymous source who spoke on the condition of anonymity, last month Apple told McGahn about the subpoena. The same person also said that McGahn’s wife has also received a similar notice from the company. 

Well, it is not yet clear whether the FBI was still investigating the case for the last 2 years or whether McGahn was their specific focus. But, it is also on-air that the FBI was looking for him to confirm whether he had relations with someone who is under scrutiny. There was some Intel that the White House Counsel and the top lawyers for the 2016 Trump Campaign were in contact with some people.

Those people were assumed to be the ones who are either part of Russia or part of the inquiry about the later leak. But, such a disclosure of data being collected from several years has left Americans astonished. It is quite extraordinary for a Justice Department to hide such a secret for many years.

Besides, when such information was revealed to the public, rumors are that the Trump Administration had secretly seized the personal data of both Reporters and Democrats. Not only people but it is also being said that the Trump Administrations had reached to the tech companies to seize the data while leaks were still being investigated.

Later, on Sunday Democrats in congress reached to both the Justice Department and former officials to provide the whole back-story of the event. Furthermore, they also called on John Demers, the National Security Division’s head of justice to testify before Congress. This also includes former deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein with former attorneys general William Barr and Jeff Sessions as well.

All these investigations are common as under federal law, prosecutors normally need to obtain permissions for such tasks. Thus, in this case, they obtained permission from a federal judge to compel Apple to delay the notification to the people about the leak of their personal information or subpoenaed by the Justice Department. 

Well, there is a lot more that hasn’t been revealed till now including the facts regarding the investigation or the conclusion of it.  

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