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Biden heads to NATO to Restore The Bond Messed Up By Trump

There is no secret about the frustration of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) allies over the decision of Biden to withdraw forces from Afghanistan. But, now both NATO and Biden are looking forward to a new chapter to strengthen their bond. 

A summit has been planned with U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday to tackle climate changes for the first time to face a military rise in China. Experts are assuming that the “pivotal moment” can end the disturbances caused by the ex-president who shook the confidence in Western Alliance.

The allies are about to agree on a statement focusing on the common foundation on securing the withdrawal from Afghanistan. This will also include a discussion over the joint responses to cyberattacks from China. 

Previously, Donald Trump reduced the faith in power in the architecture of the West’s security. He also questioned Washington’s commitment to defend the European partners leading to such a misunderstanding and misalignment of opinions to date. Besides, there were many other misunderstandings as Donald confronted his counterparts when the leaders met last time in 2019. He also suddenly went home before the meeting was about to end.

Well, now both sides are concerned about the welfare and security of each other, chances are both nations would see new lights in the upcoming future. On Sunday, Biden Said “We do not view NATO as a sort of a protection racket”, “ We believe that NATO is vital to our ability to maintain American security”.

The summit at Brussels is also set to permit the 2030 reform program. Besides, both leaders are about to agree on the “core strategic concept” to face and defend the upcoming possible cyberattacks from China or elsewhere. 

Furthermore, it is on the air that the national leaders are about to discuss the newly emerging technologies and the chances of threats they can pose. 

Speaking about the summit, NATO Secretary-General Jens said “I am very confident that this summit will demonstrate the strong commitment by all NATO allies to our transatlantic bond”. He also added, “We have a unique opportunity to strengthen our alliance”. 

On the other hand, Biden is continuing the moment where Trump left off on china. But, this time he is in a reliable position by getting  NATO on the U.S. side to pay attention to China and take a tougher line on them.

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