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Pushing to condemn Seattle park with a large population of the “homeless.”

A local lawmaker has taken up the strategy of condemning a city-owned park in Seattle that has been populated for a long time with a large homeless encampment. The location is next to a courthouse, and the decision is to declare the area a public safety hazard. Besides, the tag for the area is also “nuisance property.”

Proposal by King County Councilman Reagan Dunn states that King County would acquire the park from the city of Seattle. Besides, it is on the mission of requesting that Executive Dow Constantine relocate the park’s residents to transitional or permanent housing. The plan is thought of in a way to provide additional security and fixing damage to the park. The Seattle Times reports mention all such highlights.

The proposal followed the fatal stabbing on June 17 of a 31-year-old man. The incident had happened in the park, and so the issues are now becoming serious. Besides the Seattle police Sgt. Randy Huserik, who is a spokesperson for the department, mentioned that the police responded to 100 calls of service at City Hall Park. It has done so between April 13 and June 20. The cases come inclusive of the assaults, robberies, warrant arrests, and public disturbances.

Dunn has also mentioned how the city of Seattle has no one to blame except for themselves. The reason behind the same is that they had been failing to abate the nuisance. Consequently, the area is no safer. He also mentions how people in that society bear the right to a safe county courthouse, but they didn’t understand the move at the appropriate time. 

It’s worth noting that the adjacent King County Courthouse belongs to the county. Consequently, taking over City Hall Park allowed it to be policed by the Sheriff’s Office of King County and not the Seattle Police Department.

For the property, little-used state law requires the county to pay the city fair value. Besides, Dunn mentions how he needs five votes, including his own, to move the legislation forward. Besides, he has also mentioned that the overall scenario is a matter of debate. 

Presiding Judge Jim Rogers, King County Superior Court, has also mentioned that the park next to the courthouse is full of tents. Besides, the issue is that the park residents are increasingly hostile to anyone who comes there to spend time or even stroll.

Three prospective jurors notified this week have also sent notifications to the court staff regarding how they were refusing to serve. Besides, citing the dangers of City Hall Park as the reason.

Anthony Derrick, who is a spokesperson for Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, has also mentioned that the city has worked for several years with the county. They took the needed strategies for improving safety in the park. It doesn’t end here. They’ve also taken the strategy for adding lighting, trimming trees, and stepping up police emphasis patrols.

Monday reports suggest that the Seattle City Council committed $7.5 million to address homelessness in City Hall Park. The other location thought for the same is Pioneer Square. They will be doing so over the next year, thus matching the $7.5 million. Besides, Derrick said that the county had dedicated itself to a homelessness outreach program over the years.

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