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Fire at substation lead to blackout at Puerto Rico

Plumes of smoke went off the air from the flames at the substation located in the capital, San-Juan. A private company named LUMA Energy recently took over Puerto Rico’s power transmission and distribution. The exact reason for this incident is yet to come before the citizens. Meanwhile, the blackout caused due to this incident is already creating chaos on the island.

According to the officials of LUMA Energy, nearly one million customers were part of the blackout. The count fell to roughly 60.000 customers once the situation started getting under control. 

After the incident, the officials also tweeted “The fire caused major blackouts across the entire island. The situation is under assessment, and work is being done to restore the system”. Well, the novice private company in San-Juan is not only facing the blackout crisis currently.

Earlier on the day of the blackout, the company also announced a cyber attack on their systems. Their client portal and mobile applications were the victims of this attack which also disrupted the access of the customers. This was the reason that none of their customers were able to complain about the blackout.

As per the officials, the cyberattack was the DDoS (Denial of Service) attack. With this attack, the client portal and mobile application got around 2 million visits per second. These were the whopping numbers that impacted the customer’s ability to access the service.

Despite conveying a convincing reason, LUMA Energy said in a statement that they regret that the customers experienced such inconvenience. The company also claimed that they are looking forward to providing an exceptional service experience. 

Although the matter of cyber attacks seems to be a valid reason, rumors are the company, being just 10 days experienced in the new role, wasn’t able to control it. But, Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority has already gone through struggles with bankruptcy and mismanagement during the 2017 Hurricane.

Due to the chaos caused by the blackout, the officials said to be patient as the company is dedicating their best efforts to get to their potential. They also said that they are evaluating the power outage and the information regarding the matter will soon come forward.

Although there are no injuries reported yet, the company added “Whoever is responsible for the fire and cyber-attack will have to answer to the People of Puerto Rico”

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