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First Muslim American as Federal Judge

The U.S is now elevating towards a whole new positive environment. The recent news added up to this as a son of Pakistani immigrants has just been confirmed as the federal judge in the U.S. This is the first time in the history of the U.S. that a Pakistani has been appointed in this position.

Zahid Quraishi, a graduate of Rutgers Law School was confirmed to be the Federal Judge of the District of New Jersey. He was appointed with a senate vote of 81-16 on Thursday. The U.S. Senate also said that it was a historic nomination of Pakistani-American Zahid Quraishi. 

He was confirmed the federal judge by as many as 34 republicans. Speaking about Quraishi, Senator Robert Menendez said “Judge Quraishi has devoted his career to serving our country, and his story embodies both the rich diversity of New Jersey and the promise of America as a place where anything is possible”.

The Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee also stated that “Zahid Quraishi is a man of integrity, a consummate public servant, and a trailblazer for Asian Americans and Muslim-Americans across this country who dreams of one day presiding over a court of their own”.

Judge Quraishi was interested in Law practice in his school but he gave up his interest to join the army after the 9/11 attacks. The Pakistani son also served 2 long tours in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004 as well as 2006. It was 2019 when he was confirmed as Judge of U.S Magistrate for New Jersey’s district. By that time, he was also the first Asian-American to serve on the federal bench.

Well, in the Judicial Nominations, Quraishi was among the first that Biden Announced in March. Alongside Quraishi, the diverse slate also includes 3 African American women and the first AAPI woman to serve on U.S. land. 

Responding to it, the Muslim Public Affairs Council announced that this is the historic moment where Judge Quraishi is now the first American Muslim to serve as an Article III federal judge. The council also added that “The Biden Administration if fulfilling its promise to make the federal government more representative of the rich diversity of America”.

As a beginning of a new era reflecting peace and harmony, President Biden also nominated Dilawar Syed for Small Business Administration and Lina Khan for Federal Trade Commission. 

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